Friday, March 26, 2010

revised floor plan

Got about 50 sq ft more space inside, and another larger area for a patio instead of a long front porch. Front porch will be about 70 sq ft.

what the views will be... 28 ft up- crow's nest.

what the views will be... 14ft up- living space

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Material arriving

are those Walls in the making?

Pillars going up

There will be 9 pillars. 14 feet up to the living space.

Broke ground

This Pilings are about 18 feet. and go down to coral. then are filled with concrete.


Planting Palm trees

the planning....

and the bedroom will go there.....

Sand on the lot

Built up the lot with sand. Common practice, in the raining season, the lots around us will be under water. in the really heavy season, we'll have water too....

The lot.....

the mangrove reserve behind us got hit with a hurricane a couple of years before. notice the dead wood.